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Vaughn Veit

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Old Photo Of Young Vaughn Veit On Top Of Caterpillar D8

Since the beginning, he’s been extremely detail-oriented regarding Veit’s quality of work and appearance. He’s invested in the best equipment for his people, but only with the expectation that they live with the same sense of pride in their work that he does.

Veit’s culture and average tenure are the truest testaments to Vaughn’s love of his people. Everyone at the business loves what they do, and tenures of 30+ years aren’t uncommon.

“No one has ever worked for me — they work with me.”

Known for his wild imagination and ability to create incredible buildings (visit Veit’s corporate office, and you’ll get it), car collections, and antique sculptures from what others would’ve dismissed as junk, he’s lived a great life. Spend only a few minutes with him, and you’ll hear all sorts of crazy stories from back in the day or about how he salvaged this or that from past demolition projects.

Today, while still involved in the day-to-day business at Veit, he spends most of his time with his wife, Kelly, on his beautiful property outside of Rogers, MN, refining his automotive museum and caring for his land and animals. If he’s not at home, he’s likely in his mobile office driving past a job site or at the VONCO landfill. He’ll often park his car atop the landfill for hours, conducting business and watching trucks from all over the state roll in.

Vaughn’s created an enormous legacy for himself and Veit Speciality Contracting overall, and he intends for it all to live on well past him. Thanks to his foresight and planning, the business is transitioning to the next generation of leadership. At the same time, his world-class automotive collection is now part of a foundation so people can enjoy the world he’s built for decades to come.

Vaughn Veit, Chad, And Ronda Group Photo At Super Bowl LII
Vaughn Veit With Two Of His Close Friends Sitting at The Table
Vaughn Veit And Kelly On Demolition Site Wearing Our Safety Gears
Old Photo Of Vaughn Veit With Steve Together
Vaughn Veit Laughing With Other Team Member
Vaughn Veit With His Dog
Vaughn Veit With His Wife, Kelly Veit
Vaughn Veit Standing In Front Veit's Truck
Vaughn Veit Inside His Sports Car
Old Photo Of Vaughn Veit Standing In Front Of Oversized Loader Truck
Veit With His Wife Wearing Veit's 90 Years Celebration

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