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Veit Employee With Electronic Measuring Device

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Technology We Use

Veit is an industry leader in grade control technologies. With over 50 GPS machine control pieces of equipment, one of the largest fleets in the Midwest, we ensure the highest precision grading on all projects.

Leveraging technology and digitizing our workflows provides our field crews access to all available project information and the ability to collaborate with all project team members.

At Veit, we are always driving to lead and push the industry with innovative solutions that benefit our performance on projects and, ultimately, provide better results for our clients.

Veit Employee With Electronic Measuring Device
We Drive to Lead and
Push the Industry
  • Collaboration
    Using PlanGrid software, we have the latest project information available to our field staff in one location. Collaboration through one platform keeps our teams updated and connected through all changing work environments.
  • Connected Assets
    All of our GPS equipment is connected to the cloud, enabling us to transfer 3D project files to our field crews. This happens in near real-time, ensuring our equipment is grading with the most current information, eliminating schedule delays.
  • Precision Grading
    Starting with 3D models built by our internal team of experts, Veit has the resources to grade with high precision in any application, ensuring our ability to build every project accurately and efficiently.
  • Mapping
    Veit uses drones for job site mapping, giving us the ability to map earthwork without putting boots on the ground.
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Veit Employee Operating D6k2

Why Integrate Technology?

Key Benefits

  • Safety - Technology allows us to put fewer people on the job site by performing tasks with specialized equipment.
  • Quality - Thanks to our ability to transmit changes to the field (and results back to the office) in real-time, we’re able to pivot quickly and achieve the desired design grades.
  • Efficiency - Our GPS-guided grading provides more consistent section thickness, greater material control, and faster schedules.

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