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Our Story + Values

About Us

Veit is one of the country’s leading specialty contractors, with over 90 years of experience and the best people in the industry. We pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit to push the construction industry forward and deliver for our customers.

Our modern fleet of iron, diverse expertise, and unmatched determination allow us to successfully tackle some of the largest and most complex projects across every sector while also living out our values every day.

  • Build with Intention
    We build with intention. Whether in the office or the field, we work with grit and determination toward a better future for everyone involved. We leave things better than we found them, and never leave a job until we’re proud to put the Veit name on it.
  • Leaders Dig First
    Egos have no place at Veit. We expect everyone on our team to dig in with a leadership mentality. That means being willing to jump in, take ownership, and get mud on our boots — especially when times get challenging.
  • Real Relationships
    Like our work, we approach relationships authentically, with a long-term mindset. Whether you’re a client partner, vendor, or team member, we make an effort to build a more meaningful connection with you by communicating with respect and honesty.
  • Integrity in Everything
    As part of the Veit family, everything we do and say reflects on this entire company. We act with integrity, which means treating others just as we want to be treated, doing the right thing, and holding ourselves accountable.
  • Deliberately Safe
    We believe all safety incidents are avoidable when everyone operates with a deliberate mindset. We are deliberately proactive and thorough in training and job planning. We are deliberately safe in our everyday operations and decision-making.


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Our Mission
Our purpose is to never settle and dig deeper. From job sites to relationships, Veit builds with a deeper purpose to create something that betters our communities and endures beyond ourselves.
Veit Crew Standing On CAT Bulldozer In 1920s

Company History

Our Story

Back in 1928, Frank Veit founded his company on a boot-string budget with a single Chevy truck and a dump box. Now in our third generation as a family-owned business, Veit is among the most respected specialty contracting and waste management companies in the nation, thanks to our can-do attitude and relentless work ethic.


Our Leadership Team

Meet our CEO, Kelly Veit

Kelly is Veit’s first female CEO and one of few women in the construction industry filling this role in North America. She comes from specialty manufacturing, where she was president of the US subsidiary of FKuR, a German-based plastics company. An advisor to Vaughn Veit dating back to 1995, Kelly thoroughly knows Veit’s history and is uniquely equipped to lead us toward our 2030 vision.

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Meet our Owner, Vaughn Veit

As the third generation of Veit leaders, Vaughn served as our CEO from 1975-2021. Under Vaughn’s leadership, Veit went from a local operation to supporting over 600 employees in multiple states. While there was plenty of history before Vaughn, his vision and drive to further the Veit legacy is largely why the business stands where it does today. He attributes Veit’s success to two principles--doing good work and treating people extraordinarily well. As Veit’s owner, Vaughn sits in an advisory role to the CEO, Kelly Veit, and President, Tim Reimann.

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