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Veit Employee Wearing PPE Kit Lifing Heavy Bucket at an Industrial Cleaning Project


Industrial cleaning is a dirty job and Veit is happy to do it. This is vital because the unglamorous task requires attention to detail and a can-do attitude. It also takes an arsenal of tools, technologies, techniques, and knowledge.

Our staff is trained in confined-space entry, HAZWOPER, and OSHA requirements. Veit is well-equipped to handle your industrial cleaning needs with a heralded recordable incident rate and an experience modification rating that’s at the top of the industry. Better people, better approaches, and better techniques — that’s the Veit difference.

Veit Employee Wearing PPE Kit Lifing Heavy Bucket at an Industrial Cleaning Project
Tank and Vessel Cleaning We can efficiently remove waste from tanks or vessels using confined-space entry procedures.
High-Pressure Water Blasting Veit offers 10,000-40,000 PSI water blasting to remove materials from the surface.
Process Equipment Cleaning We can handle any equipment that needs cleaning, from food to manufacturing, design, and production.
Hazardous Material Cleaning Veit will remove and contain waste from tanks, vessels, equipment, and spills — and coordinate the disposal.
Wet and Dry Vacuum Services With our vacuum services, Veit removes waste from tanks, buildings, and sewers, keeping it contained for easy hauling and disposal.
Sewer Televising and Cleaning Veit can keep sewers clean of waste and build-up, and determine if repairs are necessary.
Veit employee in heavy equipment
It was raining and cold, and my car decided to die in the parking lot of the Monroe Clinic demolition site. Mark and Justin from Veit saw us struggling and came with their tools and knowledge to help. They really made my day, and if this is the kind of people you hire for your crew, it certainly speaks volumes for your company.
Sandy Powell
Veit is the best demolition and site subcontractor I have ever worked with.
Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Matt Kelley

Why Veit?

Unrivaled Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
    Due to our experience, Veit can handle problems that other contractors can't or won't solve.
  • Safe Approaches to Dangerous Work
    Industrial waste can be extremely hazardous. Veit can find a solution to even your most dangerous projects.
  • Speedy Cleanup
    Our teams can clean any industrial spill or hazard efficiently, without sacrificing safety.
  • Industry Expertise
    Veit understands the complexity and importance of getting your site back up and running.
Veit Employee Wearing Ppe Kit Checking Heavy Tunnel
Veit Employees Working On Hazardous Industrial Waste Management
Veit Guzzler NX VAC Truck
Veit Crews in Action at Industrial Cleaning Project
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