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Veit Employee Wearing PPE Kit Lifing Heavy Bucket at an Industrial Cleaning Project


Industrial cleaning is a dirty job and Veit is happy to do it. This is vital because the unglamorous task requires attention to detail and a can-do attitude. It also takes an arsenal of tools, technologies, techniques, and knowledge.

Our staff is trained in confined-space entry, HAZWOPER, and OSHA requirements. Veit is well-equipped to handle your industrial cleaning needs with a heralded recordable incident rate and an experience modification rating that’s at the top of the industry. Better people, better approaches, and better techniques — that’s the Veit difference.

Veit Employee Wearing PPE Kit Lifing Heavy Bucket at an Industrial Cleaning Project

Industrial Cleaning Services

Storage Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Storage Tank and Vessel Cleaning
    By implementing confined-space entry protocols, we can tackle tank and vessel cleaning projects quickly and efficiently. Veit members can work with any tank or vessel, many of which commonly store hazardous and non-hazardous materials, food-grade products, and petroleum. Naturally, even non-hazardous materials require a sensitive touch to ensure you get the job done correctly the first time around. Containers and tanks are essential components of many manufacturing and industrial applications, subject to scheduled cleaning and regulatory compliance. We clean numerous tanks, from nonhazardous storage tanks, hazardous materials and water storage vessels, Veit provides every qualified tank and vessel cleaning crew member with expert training to ensure our team is prepared for every project.
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  • Industrial Water Blasting
    Water blasting, also known as hydro blasting, is a versatile and effective way to clean various surfaces, internal and exterior. You can use it to clean process equipment, piping, tanks, and other surfaces. Water blasting works by using a high-pressure stream of water to remove buildup, plugs, and contaminants. You can also use the stream of water to remove paint and other coatings from a surface. With water pressure from 10000psi to 40000psi, hydroblasting is more intense than other cleaning methods and can even be strong enough to cut steel. Hiring an effective water blasting and industrial waste removal team like Veit is the best way to ensure you keep your facilities compliant and working properly
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  • Process & Manufacturing Equipment Cleaning
    Veit tackles process equipment cleaning across several markets, from design and production to food, manufacturing, and other industries. Process equipment cleaning and industrial plant cleaning include work with water filters, industrial ovens, pipes, and other equipment to remove waste build-up and keep manufacturing facilities operating properly. Our industrial plant cleaning services work for anybody manufacturing products. If you’re working with process equipment or industrial plant equipment, contact Veit to see how we can help you with your heavy industrial cleaning needs in Minnesota.
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  • Hazardous Material Cleaning
    Hazardous material cleaning and hazardous waste disposal can be significant stumbling blocks for businesses in many industries. Dangerous material buildup can shut down your sites, and improper disposal often leads to fines, penalties, or other consequences. Veit can help you navigate hazardous waste disposal with greater efficiency than ever. Our qualified team members know the moving parts of hazardous material cleaning projects and serve clients across Minnesota and the Midwest. Hazardous waste could be flammable, corrosive, acidic, basic, or contribute to a dangerous atmosphere (you can’t breathe or touch it). Our clients rely on us as our crew members are thoroughly trained for cleaning hazardous materials from equipment, tanks, and more.
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  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Services
    A capable vacuum truck fleet requires both wet and dry vacuum trucks. Wet vacuum trucks are suitable for industrial and environmental cleaning projects. Dry vacuums are often used in mines and dry goods manufacturing to help clean up waste products. There are also combo trucks that jet and vac simultaneously. Veit works with diverse industries, including mining, refining, power plants, food processing facilities, shingle manufacturing, water filter manufacturers, and any company that relies on storage tanks in its daily operations.
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  • Sewer Televising and Cleaning
    Veit’s qualified team can help keep your sewers free of waste, debris, and build-up. We can also review your system and determine whether any repairs are necessary. Once your lines are clean, we can also determine the system’s integrity. The options are either to dig it up or to line it. Primarily, sewer cleaning and televising will help with the lining cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining process. If we determine that the pipe should line up, we’ll handle that and any other needed line repairs.
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Industrial Cleanup Services

With a wide range of capabilities in the field, Veit is here to help you tackle industrial cleaning projects across Minnesota and the Midwest. Our team members are true experts with training in confined-space entry, OSHA, HAZWOPER, and MSHA requirements.

We offer quick responses, speedy turnaround, safe and efficient cleanup services that help you get your site back up and running. However, industrial waste removal and cleaning projects are often hazardous, so you must hire an experienced and effective crew.

Veit aids you with proper planning and appropriate equipment to tackle any heavy industrial cleaning project. In addition, we have an experience modification rating that speaks to our efforts to provide a safe work environment for our employees on each worksite.

Why Veit?

Unrivaled Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
    Due to our experience, Veit can handle problems that other contractors can't or won't solve.
  • Safe Approaches to Dangerous Work
    Industrial waste can be extremely hazardous. Veit can find a solution to even your most dangerous projects.
  • Speedy Cleanup
    Our teams can clean any industrial spill or hazard efficiently, without sacrificing safety.
  • Industry Expertise
    Veit understands the complexity and importance of getting your site back up and running.
Veit Employee Wearing Ppe Kit Checking Heavy Tunnel
Veit Employees Working On Hazardous Industrial Waste Management
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Veit Crews in Action at Industrial Cleaning Project
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