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Veit Employee Working On CIPP(cured-in-place Pipelining)

Veit’s Expertise

Cured-in-place pipelining (CIPP) can deliver the results you need either as a standalone pipe or to strengthen the host pipe’s structure. Because no excavation is needed, the process is often faster and safer than traditional methods, while traffic and business disruption is eliminated.

Worried about deteriorating sewer lines or groundwater infiltration? Discover what municipalities throughout the Midwest know: Veit’s trenchless technologies can be a simpler, more affordable solution to open-cut repairs. When your sanitary sewers or storm sewers demand immediate attention, turn to the experienced problem-solvers at Veit.

Veit Employee Working On CIPP(cured-in-place Pipelining)
Sanitary Sewer Lining Using CIPP for sewer lines saves time while also reducing the need for excavation.
Storm Sewer Lining CIPP can rehabilitate old storm drain pipes to strengthen the line and dramatically extend the expected life of the pipes.
Sewer Televising and Cleaning Prior to the installation of CIPP, we can inspect and clean the pipes so they’re ready for the CIPP lining.


Veit employee in heavy equipment
Veit is the best demolition and site subcontractor I have ever worked with.
Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Matt Kelley
Your crew is a fantastic representation of Veit. Please commend these gentlemen for the awesome work they do. It’s obvious that they care about and enjoy working for you. Thanks for your time and Veit’s professionalism.
Welsh Construction, LLC Christian Mowery


Decreased Costs
  • Decreased Costs
    Rehabilitating pipes using CIPP methods saves a tremendous amount of labor and time, while also cutting costs by 30-50%.
  • Custom Pipe Strength
    When Veit performs CIPP work, you can specify your resin formula, felt thickness, and CIPP structural strength to meet even your strictest requirements. Veit is versatile and will accommodate all your non-standard pipe sizes and shapes.
  • Increased Flow
    With our seamless CIPP liner installation, there are no joints. This means improved flow through the entire length of the pipe.
  • Turnkey Service
    Count on Veit for a turnkey solution. We can televise, clean, line, or replace necessary piping.
Veit Employee Monitoring Utility Work
White Piping Material
Veit Employee Working On CIPP(cured-in-place Pipelining)
Veit Employees Working Together on CIPP Project
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Problems We Solve

Regulatory Compliance
You’ll never have to worry about safety or compliance when you hire Veit. We know the specific requirements of every corner of the country and know how to work within them successfully.
Value Engineering
Our professional designers can create customized plans and find the most cost-efficient methods to solve any CIPP challenges.
Safety Concerns
With Veit, there are never any corners cut when it comes to the safety of everyone on or around our job sites.