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Veit’s Top Priority

Our Safety

Any project’s success is critically tied to the contractor’s safety performance. Safety is integral to Veit’s culture, and we never start work on any project without ensuring that all stakeholders — our employees, our clients, our partners, and our communities — are as safe as possible.

  • New Hire Training
    Before they ever set foot on a job site, Veit provides extensive safety training for each one of our employees. We will never compromise the safety of our people!
  • Partnerships
    Veit proudly partners with inspectors and auditors to comply with all regulatory audit requirements on every project. We welcome regulators to all of our job sites and appreciate how they help us keep our people safe.
  • Continuing Training
    Training doesn’t stop after hiring. Instead, each employee participates in ongoing training sessions, including daily job site hazard analysis, weekly toolbox training, supervisor “green truck” meetings, and annual group meetings.
  • Technology
    Veit uses HCSS Safety to provide real-time field safety data to help us refine our processes. HCSS also helped us evolve our safety documentation from paper to an electronic format.
Industry and Regulatory Partners
Tom Peterson
Director of Safety
Tom Peterson
Tom joined Veit in the fall of 2000 and has been instrumental in developing and maintaining Veit’s safety program, including our safety manual, job hazard analysis, task-specific training, and behavior-based safety observations.
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Our Safety Team

  • Michael Toth
  • Jeremy Hannack
  • Jessie Aspoas
  • Jon Somerville
  • Tom Brunt
  • Adam Grinsteinner
Veit employee in heavy equipment
At Veit, our commitment to having a strong safety culture helps ensure no shortcuts or risks jeopardize the safety of our staff.
Tom Peterson
Safety Awards

Minnesota Safety Council Governor’s Outstanding Achievement Award

Veit received this award for maintaining outstanding incidence rates for our industry classification. The Governor’s Award indicates that Veit continuously improves these rates and has a continuing outstanding record for consecutive years.

CHASE Construction Health and Safety Excellence

The Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program recognizes AGC member contractors for their safety programs and performance while providing partnership incentives. Minnesota OSHA and AGC of Minnesota presented this award to Veit for its Level 2 and Level 3 status. Veit led all contractors in 2020 with seven active Level 3 projects.

Laborers of Minnesota (LECET) Safety Driven Contractor Award of Excellence

Veit consistently qualifies for the annual LECET Safety Driven award due to its comprehensive safety and training programs.
Jeremy Hannack, Safety Manager at Veit

Veit’s Safety Champions

Veit takes an aggressive approach to safety to help ensure that no shortcuts or risks are taken to jeopardize the safety of the project team. Veit’s Safety Champion program chooses one employee on each site to perform a behavior-based safety observation. We use the observations to help identify and eliminate hazards, as well as identify positive behaviors that we want to promote.
Jeremy Hannack, Safety Manager at Veit