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Experts in marine-based infrastructure

Veit's Expertise

We have an experienced team of professionals who have seen it all above and below the water. For decades, our crews have served the energy sector, municipalities, governmental entities, power plants, and more.

Our people know underwater construction and, more importantly, the proper safety protocols. We use the proper equipment to ensure every dive goes according to plan. For any project that has you underwater, discover why Veit is an industry leader for commercial diving. With several turnkey services, we’re a self-sufficient marine services provider. Veit offers diverse solutions for a wide assortment of diving, construction, and underwater surveying needs for unique clients across key markets in Minnesota and across the country.

Marine Solutions

Marine Services
  • Marine Services
    For more than a decade, Veit has provided commercial diving, dredging, and underwater construction services to meet our clients' unique needs. Proper planning and top-of-the-line equipment are foundational to your project's success. With our team's years of experience on your side, you'll feel confident going into any marine construction situation you might encounter.
  • Fleet Information / Harbor Services
    We are your go-to source for top-quality TUG boats, barges, hopper barges, hydraulic dredges, amphibious excavators, mechanical dredging, and commercial dive crews. With our truckable push boats and towboats, we offer you the flexibility to operate in any location – be it lakes, rivers, or offsite reservoirs.
  • Underwater Construction
    Veit’s underwater construction capabilities encompass new construction and repairs to existing structures. Some examples of our marine construction services include sheet piling, bridge building, seawall repairs, dam inspections and repairs, and other critical projects. Specific underwater construction efforts include breaking walls, bridge repair, towing, marina construction and improvements, FERC inspections, pipeline inspection and stabilization, and barge services.
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  • Wide-Ranging Dredging Solutions
    Veit offers commercial dredging services that work to restore and rejuvenate lakes, rivers, lagoons, and intercoastal waterways from the effects of marinas, oil refineries, power plants, and wastewater treatment plants. Veit utilizes hydraulic and mechanical dredging services with the latest equipment and technology to maximize production while preserving accuracy.
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  • Commercial Diving Capabilities
    We employ a team of expert divers and qualified safety professionals to provide industry-leading results on each commercial diving project. Whether you need us to repair or place concrete, perform pressure grouting, or provide any other marine diving services, you’ll benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement. For any project that has you underwater, count on Veit to complete the work safely and correctly.
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Safety is at the center of our operations here at Veit. Our marine services division takes safety seriously and follows robust workplace protocols for every dive, survey, or underwater construction project. We implement ongoing training exercises to ensure that education doesn’t stop after a team member is hired.

Veit proudly partners with all of our inspectors and auditors to ensure that we maintain the strictest regulatory compliance possible. We welcome regulators to each of our job sites, understanding that the role of the regulator is to keep all of us safe both during projects and afterward. Veit also uses HCSS Safety software to provide real-time safety data that can help us refine our processes and adhere to industry best practices for all our marine services.


Veit employee in heavy equipment
Your crew is a fantastic representation of Veit. Please commend these gentlemen for the awesome work they do. It’s obvious that they care about and enjoy working for you. Thanks for your time and Veit’s professionalism.
Welsh Construction, LLC Christian Mowery
It was raining and cold, and my car decided to die in the parking lot of the Monroe Clinic demolition site. Mark and Justin from Veit saw us struggling and came with their tools and knowledge to help. They really made my day, and if this is the kind of people you hire for your crew, it certainly speaks volumes for your company.
Sandy Powell

Why Veit?

Powerful Underwater Solutions
  • Powerful Underwater Solutions
    Using our ingenuity, we can relocate an astounding 5,000 gallons of sediment per minute, redirecting the material to temporary storage areas where it can be further processed as needed.
  • Unrivaled Underwater Technology
    Do you need remotely operated vehicles to survey and inspect your underwater job site? That’s all in a day’s work for Veit crews.
  • Comprehensive Planning and Execution
    Our talented marine professionals bring knowledge, innovation, and fortitude to shore up any challenges on marine projects. Our commitments to quality, safety, and the environment are second to none.
Dredging in Action - Veit Offers Marine Solutions
Veit Employee Monitoring a Marine Project
Veit Employees in Action at a Marine Project
Industry and Regulatory Partners
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Problems We Solve

Environmental Issues
Easy on the environment and your budget, hydraulic dredging relieves sediments and restores waterways, intakes, retention ponds, and other areas to achieve functionality.
Compliance Requirements
Underwater construction requires compliance with comprehensive guidelines from OSHA and the Association of Diving Contractors International, Inc. (ADCI). With Veit, compliance will never be a concern.
Value Engineering
Veit’s crews can not only perform the work, but we can also help you design your project to maximize the value of each dollar spent.