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Marine diving into water


Commercial Diving

If you require commercial diving services or assistance with a marine diving project in the Midwest, Veit Marine Services division is here to help.

When you're spearheading a commercial diving project in the Midwest, it's critical that you work with elite divers who don't cut corners. We employ a team of certified divers and qualified safety professionals to provide industry-leading results on each commercial diving project. Whether you need us to repair or place concrete, perform pressure grouting, dredge, inspect, or provide any other marine diving services, you'll benefit from our commitment to you and your project.

Marine diving into water

Why Choose Veit’s Elite Divers for Your Marine Construction Project

Experienced Team Veit has an experienced team of professionals for underwater construction, salvage projects, and contaminated diving projects.
Understanding We understand the intricacies of marine diving projects and know that safety is paramount in any commercial diving scenario.
Team Approach Veit’s team relies on an aggressive approach to safety that mitigates risk for everyone involved in a project.

Comprehensive Safety Protocols

Before any commercial diving project, we implement extensive planning and communication to develop a strong foundation for success. Ahead of a salvage attempt, for instance, we employ methodological surveys to determine how much damage a vessel may have sustained and develop effective repair plans to ensure the project proceeds smoothly.

Discuss your next commercial diving project with the marine diving experts at Veit. Located in Minnesota, our team is eager to discuss your upcoming marine diving project, salvage initiative, or underwater construction project.