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On-going Demolition Conduct By Veit

Veit’s Expertise

Veit’s full-service capabilities span the range of demolition projects, from removing single-story commercial buildings and demolishing high rises to razing large industrial structures. We’re a company of innovators and problem-solvers, and you’ll appreciate the cooperative, can-do attitude our people bring to every project.

Our experienced demolition team will analyze every critical factor in your proposed demolition. We have earned a reputation for completing fast-track and difficult projects on time and within budget. Through detailed pre-planning and integrated work plans, we understand and address site conditions, site requirements, controlling and monitoring environmental concerns, and unique project challenges — all while keeping safety, communication, and collaboration at the forefront.

On-going Demolition Conduct By Veit
Commercial Demolition Our expert crews have demolished everything from small commercial buildings to 22-story office buildings.
Industrial Demolition Industrial facility demo has complex legal and logistical challenges that only seasoned teams can handle.
Selective Demolition Whether you’re removing the interior components of a building or demolishing a specific portion, Veit has the experience you need.
Civil Demolition From DOT projects to airport renovations, Veit knows the ins and outs of civil demolition.
Explosive Demolition Our explosive demolition crews can bring any structure down safely and efficiently.
Recycling and Salvage Veit will help you reuse and repurpose structures and materials, providing economic and environmental benefits.
Hazardous Material Abatement Management Hazardous waste? Polluted soils? Not a problem for Veit’s knowledgeable crews!
Emergency Response When disaster strikes, Veit will be there, ready to answer the call.


Veit employee in heavy equipment
It was raining and cold, and my car decided to die in the parking lot of the Monroe Clinic demolition site. Mark and Justin from Veit saw us struggling and came with their tools and knowledge to help. They really made my day, and if this is the kind of people you hire for your crew, it certainly speaks volumes for your company.
Sandy Powell
Veit was very careful in their approach to demolishing the Drake Hotel, being mindful of the close proximity of the adjacent building. We appreciate their responsiveness to the changing circumstances and being dedicated to doing things safely. The City would not have been able to manage this delicate situation without the Veit team’s efforts.
City of Minneapolis Steve Poor
Veit stands out as a contractor because of their commitment to the reclamation and recycling of building materials. I want to thank Veit for their work and partnership with the City of Racine. We were always confident that they would do a professional job in a timely way, but they have really gone above and beyond our expectations.
City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason


Maximizing Recyclables
  • Maximizing Recyclables
    Most of our projects exceed a 90% recycling rate and many of them require some level of LEED certification.
  • Responsible Waste Management
    Veit has been conducting recycling on our demolition projects for over 90 years. We manage our waste streams responsibly and take pride in our recycling efforts.
  • Cutting-Edge Techniques
    At Veit, we don’t restrict ourselves to the “same old, same old” methods. We constantly seek more efficient and cost-effective demolition methods.
  • Unrivaled Safety
    Safety will always be Veit’s top priority on any demolition site. Demo can be dangerous work, but we take all possible steps to ensure a safe and productive job site.
Veit Demolishing Large Industrial Structure
Veit Demolishing The Bradley Center
Veit Employee Monitoring Demolition Project
Bradley Center Roof Implosion - Demolition Project
Industry and Regulatory Partners
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Problems We Solve

Environmental Compliance
Veit has company-owned landfills and transfer/recycling stations that allow us to meet any environmental compliance challenges head-on.
Contaminated Soil Mitigation
We manage the removal and disposal of contaminated soils from project sites, leaving the ground remediated and ready for whatever you have planned next.
Controlling Common Issues
Veit understands and has significant experience with the need to control and monitor demolition sites for issues such as vibration, odors, noise, dirt, dust, and air quality.