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Aerial View of Bradley Center Being Demolized Aerial View of Bradley Center Being Demolized


Project Overview

Built in 1988, the Bradley Center was the long time home of the Milwaukee Bucks. Veit was contracted to demolish the nostalgic Bradley Center. Veit demo crews began by removing any salvageable electrical equipment and metals that could be recycled. Approximately 23,000 tons of concrete was removed from the structure and processed to be used as backfill. Demolition of the Bradley Center was completed early and within budget. Our crews logged nearly 19,000 man-hours with zero incidents or recordable injuries.

Deer District
Type of Project
Project Scope
Total Demolition
October 2018 - August 2019
Veit employee in heavy equipment
Your crew is a fantastic representation of Veit. Please commend these gentlemen for the awesome work they do. It’s obvious that they care about and enjoy working for you. Thanks for your time and Veit’s professionalism
Welsh Construction, LLC Christian Mowery

Challenges We Solved

Vibration Monitoring
This project required strict monitoring of vibrations created through the wrecking process, and demolition surveys were done regularly to ensure surrounding historical structures stayed safe.
Limited Space
The Bradley Center sat on a tight property, which meant the Veit team had to plan accordingly while removing the structure. Demolition of the arena was done from the center of the bowl as much as possible. Leaving the exterior of the structure up as long as possible also provided a pre-existing barrier that protected the surrounding city and its inhabitants from any noise or dust pollution created from the demo.
Small Business Enterprise Goals
The City of Milwaukee included aggressive stipulations for SBE labor goals in the contract. Twenty-five percent of contract dollars were to be awarded to an SBE, as well as forty percent of all employee labor hours to be performed by citizens meeting requirements stated in the City of Milwaukee’s Residential Preference Program. We met these requirements for the duration of the project.