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When you need a reliable dredging contractor in greater Minnesota, including the Metro Twin Cities (including St. Paul and Minneapolis), Duluth, or Rochester, Veit’s Marine Services team is here to help. We offer commercial dredging services that work to restore and rejuvenate lakes, rivers, lagoons, and intercoastal waterways from the effects of marinas, oil refineries, power plants, and wastewater treatment plants. Veit utilizes both hydraulic and mechanical dredging services with the latest equipment to maximize production while preserving accuracy.

Different Types of Dredging

Hydraulic Suction There are several types of dredging that we use to get the job done. For starters, there’s hydraulic suction dredging.
Cutter Dredger Another type of dredger is the cutter dredger.
Mechanical Dredging Alongside these hydraulic dredges, we also include mechanical dredging tools like clamshells.

What Is Dredging?

Dredging is the process of removing sediment, buildup, and waste from the bottom of water bodies like lakes, rivers, and estuaries. Sediment naturally occurs when silt, sand, and other minerals and materials aggregate and accumulate. In waterways with high traffic, this poses a safety risk. For example, if too much sediment accumulates in a river, it may make it impassable for ships that could otherwise pass.

Safety in Dredging

Dredging safety is a critical component of any reputable dredging company. There are risks to every dredging project and Veit incorporates extensive planning and analysis ahead of any work. Common hazards include environmental restrictions, changing weather, and project-specific difficulties.

That’s why Veit maintains high safety standards, including our dedicated crew training programs and our rigorous adherence to equipment maintenance protocols to ensure each project is safe, successful, and efficient. Get in touch with Veit’s dredging company experts to discuss your commercial dredging needs in Minnesota and beyond.