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Project Overview

Rice Creek Watershed District in Ramsey County, Minnesota adopted a water resource management plan to address excessive sediment loading and associated phosphorus loading from Rice Creek and its upper watershed. A site survey of Long Lake confirmed that sediment had exceeded its capacity and the decision was made to dredge the basin to maintain its functionality as a recreational lake.

Veit & Company, Inc. was hired by the Rice Creek Watershed District to dredge sediment to improve waterflow and water conditions within Long Lake and Rice Creek. The work included hydraulic dredging of 17,900 CY of material from Long Lake, dewatering the material, and disposing the excavated soil materials not acceptable for use as backfill or fill.

The Veit team created site access which protected existing features of the environment. Hydraulic dredging was performed to remove 17,900 CY of material from the bottom of the lake. Veit constructed a dewatering facility where the material was dried. Erosion control blanketing was used as well as a floating silt curtain to control erosion on the banks.

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Rice Creek Watershed District
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June 2022 - October 2022