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Aerial View of Luedtke Barge Salvage Project Site Aerial View of Luedtke Barge Salvage Project Site


Project Overview

In June of 2020, Veit’s dive team worked to salvage a sunken 636-ton steel Dump Scow. This vessel had a damaged hull and required several underwater repair patches to be recovered. The dive team strategically worked to fit these patches and dewater the vessel, then refloat it in a safe manner. The client as well as the US Army Corp of Engineers expressed their appreciation for the quick response time and flawless recovery of the vessel.

Luedtke Engineering Co.
Type of Project
June 2020 - July 2020
Veit employee in heavy equipment
Your crew is a fantastic representation of Veit. Please commend these gentlemen for the awesome work they do. It’s obvious that they care about and enjoy working for you. Thanks for your time and Veit’s professionalism.
Welsh Construction, LLC Christian Mowery

Challenges We Solved

Underwater Access
Limited access to the scow made salvage efforts difficult. Crews planned accordingly and maintained strong communication in order to work safely.
Repairing the Vessel
Crews were able to fabricate custom patches to repair the hull of the vessel. Equipped with underwater welding and burning capabilities, the dive team successfully repaired the damage and was able to dewater the compartments.
Extensive Planning
Before beginning any salvage attempts, methodical surveys were performed to determine how much damage the vessel sustained. Once the dive team determined the structural integrity, a repair and refloating plan was established.