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Wet & Dry Vacuum Services

Veit provides wet and dry vacuum services to clients across many markets in Minnesota and beyond. We handle varied wet and dry industrial vacuuming services, from tank cleaning projects to sewer jetting jobs across numerous industries. Our team members operate three types of hydro-vac trucks, including wet, dry, and combo trucks.

Veit’s Fleet of Wet & Dry Vacuum Trucks

Wet and dry industrial vacuuming trucks have specific uses. Wet vacuum hydro-vac trucks can haul wastewater, oil, and other liquid substances, for starters. Our dry vacs come on-site and vacuum up materials like soil, taconite pellets in mines, and other dry materials. Combo trucks can vacuum and jet at the same time.

If you need hazardous materials removal, Veit’s wet trucks can accomplish this. Our wet truck tanks are made of stainless steel, safely holding corrosive materials and hazardous waste.

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To learn more about Veit's wet & dry vacuum services, our team members, and our tools, contact us today. We work with diverse clients across Minnesota and the Midwest. Reach out with your project details and see how our industrial cleaning team can help you.

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