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Project Overview

Veit’s foundation group contracted with Lunda Construction to replace the
Baudette Bridge which crosses from Baudette, Minnesota to Rainy River, Ontario.
This project was a joint effort between the Minnesota Department of Transportation
and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

Veit was commissioned to complete the foundation work which consisted of 9 drilled piers that are 8’ in diameter and up to 115’ deep. The shafts are located in the Rainy River with half in the United States and half in Canada. The shafts were drilled off a barge spread that was repositioned on each shaft as crews progressed.

In each shaft, Veit removed over 15 boulders ranging up to 60” in width and many smaller cobbles and boulders that made construction quite challenging. A portion of the work was completed during the winter months, requiring the crew to persist through low temperature and snowy climates.

Crews used Veit’s new CZM EK300 drill rig when they completed the work.

municipal & public
Lunda Construction
Type of Project
July 2018 - August 2019

Challenges We Solved

International Work
Crews included both US and Canadian citizens. Because of international specifications, all equipment, materials, and crew had to be cleared by each country.
Remote Work Area
Because the job site was performed in a rural area, materials including concrete plants were not readily available. This job site was not only rural but also took place in northern climates. Crews endured snow and cold temperatures while working on a frozen river.
Cobbles and large boulders, up to 60" in width, were a challenge to navigate. These cobbles and boulders were taken out of each shaft (over 15 per shaft). In addition, the granitic boulders were very tough on tooling and equipment.