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Veit in Action at The Bayshore Mall Project Veit in Action at The Bayshore Mall Project

Earthwork, Utility

Project Overview

Veit’s scope of work for the Bayshore Mall redevelopment included all excavation and backfill associated with the foundation construction, grading and paving of all new parking lots, travel ways, and service roads. The site work package also entailed green infrastructure bio-ponds as well as a turf field. Veit utility crews installed a new stormwater system, sanitary sewers, and water lines for the fire system and public use.

Hunzinger Construction
Type of Project
Earthwork, Utility
Project Scope
Cut-and-Fill and Topsoil Excavation; Wet Utilities
September 2019 - November 2020
Veit employee in heavy equipment
Your crew is a fantastic representation of Veit. Please commend these gentlemen for the awesome work they do. It’s obvious that they care about and enjoy working for you. Thanks for your time and Veit’s professionalism
Welsh Construction, LLC Christian Mowery

Challenges We Solved

With an aggressive schedule from the developer and GC, Veit worked rigorously throughout the winter months to complete our contract on time. This condensed schedule meant our crews also had to communicate with other trades to coordinate correctly and keep the job moving smoothly.
Poor Soils
Crews encountered unsuitable soils throughout the site due to existing structures and their surroundings being built on a former landfill. When necessary, these soils had to be remediated or removed altogether, then replaced with structural fill.
Safety of The Public
Several sections if this project required working around active traffic and pedestrians. Veit teams worked to ensure the safety of the public while completing these tasks by utilizing traffic control measures and barricades to protect the general public.