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Project Overview

Veit was contracted by Kiewit Massman Construction Company to perform the layout, drilling & blasting of 6 pier bases (#’s 19 – # 24), of the I-30 Arkansas River Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas, Pulaski County.

The drilling & blasting of the piers were performed in two phases, both of which were performed in January and February of 2023 respectively.

The bridge and piers were built in 1958. There were seven, bullnose concrete piers in total measuring 70′ in length. Veit successfully, explosively demolished six of the piers to removal elevation of -26 to -36 ft below waterline.

The drilling, loading & detonation of the piers was performed from a barge platform, provided by Kiewit Massman Construction Company. The blasting was performed without incident despite the close proximity of some of the pier bases detonated to the newly erected bridge piers as well as other permanent structures.

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Kiewit Massman Construction Company
Type of Project
Project Scope
January 2023 - February 2023
Veit employee in heavy equipment
Thank you for helping the 30 Crossing Team successfully demolish the I-30 bridge over the Arkansas River for the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT). Blasting the six bridge piers was one of the project's highest-risk operations, and Veit's team exceeded expectations. While safety was an absolute requirement, compliance, operational implementation, coordination, and communication were high-risk items for both of our organizations. This is where Veit's team really impressed us! While Veit's team was on site everyone worked safely and efficiently, always considering the project's needs before their own. You made our schedule a priority and never missed a scheduled blast. In addition to performing your scope successfully, you made time to allow the Little Rock Police Department's Explosive Detection Canine Unit to perform a training exercise with their dogs using the explosives purchased for this project. The police department was extremely grateful because they rarely have the opportunity to train with large quantities of commercial explosives. You truly have a professional team who is responsive, friendly, and accommodating. I look forward to working with you again!
Kiewit Massman Construction James Caster