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Project Overview

Veit was contracted by Swank Construction Company, LLC to perform the explosive demolition of the I-79 double arch bridges that span approximately 480’ over the Tygart River in Marion County, S. Fairmont, West Virginia.

Veit was responsible for the design, prep, and loading and shooting of both the North and South bound arch spans, which were erected in the 1960’s, of I79 over the Tygart River.

This two-phase project will result in the widening of I79 from Marion County to the Pennsylvania state line. Phase one consisted of the South bound span demolition which was successfully completed in March of 2023.

The second phase of this project will begin in Fall 2023.

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Swank Construction Company
Type of Project
Project Scope
March 2023 - Fall 2023
Veit employee in heavy equipment
Our situation required precise controlled explosive demolition of an existing arch span over a navigable waterway. To meet interstate traffic phasing requirements for the project, portions of the newly constructed bridge were located within inches of the structure that was being taken down. The industry knowledge displayed by Veit’s personnel throughout the planning and operations stages of the demolition, along with Veit’s attention to detail and safety-first mentality allowed the structure to be taken down safely without incident, with minimal disruption to interstate and river traffic, and in a manner that allowed retrieval of the demolished bridge components to be completed quickly and efficiently.
Swank Construction Company, LLC